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Ultrasonic dog repeller LS-300

Repeller dogs LS-300 is produced "ALEX" Ltd. MNPF Togliatti, Russia.
Sales price: 620,00 Kč



Power supply 9V alkaline battery
Maximum range up to 30m
The range of emitted frequencies 18-25 kHz
Sound pressure level of not less than 130db *
Dimensions 90x50x25 mm
Weight not more than 0,08 kg **
Operating temperature range -5 ... +40 C

* at a distance of 1m

** without batteries

Repeller dogs - an effective means of protecting people from attacks on him aggressive, vicious dogs.

Step repeller is based on the radiation from a powerful directional beam of ultrasound in the range of 18-25 kHz. These frequencies are not perceived by the human ear, but the dogs are depressing, causing them to feel fear. Hearing this sound, the dogs are trying to evacuate the territory. The optimum range is 12-14 meters of the device. For dogs with drooping ears and long hair length is reduced to 4 -7 meters. The device is ineffective against the quiet, deaf, mad, and specially trained.
With the threat of attack should be directed toward the transducer device of the dog and press the power button for 2-4 seconds.
If necessary, repeat the steps.
The device is not harmful to the psyche of the dog!